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Police haven't released much detail publicly about the victims. One of the men will be cared for at the VA Hospital. The other three men, who were unable to walk out of the home, were taken to LBJ Hospital for treatment.
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* J.C. Penney Co Inc's board is weighing whether totake action against William Ackman, a director and the company'slargest shareholder, after the hedge fund manager publiclyreleased confidential boardroom deliberations in two separatesalvos last week, people close to the company said. ()
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Three decades after they were introduced as a crime-fighting tool, electronic ankle bracelets used to track an offender's whereabouts have proliferated so much that officials are struggling to handle an avalanche of monitoring alerts that are often nothing more sinister than a dead battery, lost satellite contact or someone arriving home late from work.
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Several lawsuits between Aereo and television providers areplaying out across the country, including in federal courts inNew York, Massachusetts and Utah. The Supreme Court appeal stemsfrom the New York litigation.

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In 2010, the most recent and only the sixth giant storm on Saturn observed by humans began stirring. It quickly grew to superstorm proportions, reaching 15,000 kilometers (more than 9,300 miles) in width and visible to amateur astronomers on Earth as a great white spot dancing across the surface of the planet.            
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These common sense reforms are as basic as requiring anycompany paid with tax dollars to open its books and meetings tothe public, just as public agencies do. They require companiesthat receive public contracts to pay a living wage withreasonable benefits, and they bann language that promisesprofits even if public services are no longer needed.
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Is it Ivan Nova? He has shown the ability to be an ace over the last six weeks, but he has a history of losing poise and focus at times, as well as his fastball command, and so he hasn’t quite gained the trust of the organization.
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Under the plan, one group of noteholders will take ownershipof the sex entertainment business, which traces its roots to thelate Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione. As is typical inbankruptcy, shareholders will likely be left with nothing.
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“The Tribune emailed us right away and asked us to call them because they didn’t really know what to tell people,” Toni McNaughton, the organization’s co-founders, told ABCNews.com today.  “And then, we started getting emails ourselves about an hour or so later.”

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当店でもNGとなってるのにいつまでも執着しないでご自分が幸せに楽しく暮らせるよう 早く忘れて下さい(^-^)


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向日葵さんが、とても計算高く、細かい方だったので邪推しましたm(__)m でも顔にハートマークを付けるのは秀逸ですね 以前から、向日葵さんとはどこかで会った事がある、見覚えのある顔だな~と不思議に思っていました 先日、喘息の発作で夜、寝つけない時に、やっと思い出しました! 私が両親からの虐待を受けてヨレヨレだった、小学2、3年の頃だったか、体育館で同級生の女の子が一人近づいてきて、「私の上靴を舐めたらチョコレートをあげる😁」と、その女の子に顔の作りも、○○○い笑顔もそっくりだったんです❗ すぐに思い出せば、その後の向日葵さんの言動も多少なりとも理解出来たんでしょうが、会って15分後くらいのうどん屋での出来事の中で見せた笑顔だったので・・(._.) 気づかず馬鹿でした 喉の奥に突き刺さった大きな2本のとげの1本がやっと取れました それにしても向日葵さんって70近くになっても子供の純水な心を持ち続けていて素晴らしいですね(^^) きっと御店でもスタッフの方や、同僚の熟女さんの方々にとって、【心の安定剤】として貴重な存在でしょう 他の店とかに引き抜かれない事を願ってます(*_*) そういえば某熟女さんから他の店は7対3とか6対4で取り分があるのに、ここは5対5やけんって話をされて取り分の差額をおねだりされたけど貧乏人の私は何もしてあげられませんでした(._.) せめて向日葵さんみたいな優等生熟女さんには、6か7取り分を上げてくださいm(__)m 今のご時世、経営も大変かと思いますが出来たら宜しくお願いしますm(__)m あ、順番が逆になってすみません、忙しい中、すぐに返信を頂いてたみたいで、ありがとうございました

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わざわざ個人に向けてのメッセージ等 写真に張り付けたりは誰もしていないし 酷い場合は誕生日でも無いのにhappybirthdayとしている時すらありますが(笑)
頑張ってブログ更新しているだけ良しとして誤字脱字 たまに突拍子もないメッセージが表示されていてもご愛嬌とクスと笑って見逃して下さいね(^^)d




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向日葵さんの日記で時々見かける、写真に貼り付けている英語のメッセージは、特定の客に向けられてのものですか? 客全員に対してのものですか? ずっと気になってます